Scrap Metal Sumner Recycling Facility

Before selling your scrap metal, a lot of questions cross your mind, such as: Will it be profitable to sell? How much cash can you make selling your scrap metal? Or, will it be difficult to recycle your metal waste because of paperwork or other issues?

Our scrap metal Sumner teams have solutions for all your questions and problems.

We provide the best metal recycling Sumner, unwanted cars take up garage space, are unattractive, and pose a number of dangers. Rusted and broken automobiles can release dangerous poisons that can seep into the landfill and contaminate the soil and water systems if they are not removed securely. We thus provide a simple and profitable alternative to selling your scrap automobile in order to avoid these problems. We use a safe method of recycling and reusing auto parts as part of our scrap metal Sumner recycling service.

We provide immediate cash payment in exchange for your scrap automobile. Our objective is to assist you in turning your scrap metal in Sumner into cash.

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    What Are We Offering To Our Clients?

    • Priority to safety and environment-friendliness throughout
    • We always work to give our customers the best value deals.
    • Free scrap metal pick-ups
    • Professional teams that offer best service quality

    For the benefit of the communities we live in and serve, we are dedicated to enhancing the environment with our services for metal recycling in Melbourne. We are aware of the need of providing our customers with the most affordable waste management options since we think that our services significantly contribute to enhancing the quality of the environment. We continuously track and assess new initiatives and technology that might strengthen our dedication to the environment. In our business, there is a lot of work being done on alternative solutions to minimize the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfills, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and use biofuels.

    We Will Take Up Your Metals And Cars For Free

    We provide free pick-up for automobiles and scrap metal in Sumner to make recycling your metal as simple as possible. To obtain an estimate and schedule your pick-up service, just use our online tool. You can also call our staff for further details.

    Scrap Metal Sumner
    Scrap Metal Recyclers Sumner

    For Your Metal, We Provide a Guaranteed Payment Estimate

    We are entirely devoted to giving you an accurate payment estimate and paying you a competitive price for the exact amount your metal is worth, unlike many other businesses dealing in scrap metal in Sumner. By cutting out the middleman of garbage transporters and motor wreckers, Afresh Metals will pay you the most for your worth.

    What Types of Metals Are We Recycling?


    With scrap metal recyclers Sumner’s premier car salvage service, enjoy free removal and premium payout for your unwanted vehicles or scrap cars.

    Metal scrap

    With our quick and effective recycling service, get the greatest cash deals from scrap metal recyclers in Sumner.

    Automobile components

    Utilize our prompt and effective metal recycling Sumner service to get the greatest pay for auto parts from top scrap metal recyclers in Sumner area.


    Afresh Metals is a Melbourne-based recycling company that delivers trusted end-to-end management for all types of scrap metal. We also provide metal recycling of scrap metal in Scoresby scrap metal in Southern Suburbs scrap metal in Preston scrap metal in Northern Suburbs  and scrap metal in Richmond  and can process every type of scrap metal. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are your local experts in aluminium recycling in Melbourne. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

    Due to recent laws introduced by the state government effective since 30 May 2018, cash is now illegal for scrap cars and metals. Available payment options are bank transfers or cheques (no cash cheques).