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Do you own aluminium scrap that you wish to sell for a reasonable price? Well, if that is the case, At Afresh Metals, we pay a fair price for unwanted scrap or copper price in Melbourne and offer aluminium recycling Melbourne solutions without any hassle. Not only do our services keep you content, but they also allow the property to stay intact. We happily collect, purchase, repurpose, and recycle scrap aluminium from residential, domestic, industrial, and commercial clients.

Since the demand for virgin resources is seeping, it’s crucial to adhere to recycling techniques and methods to reuse what has been discarded. This is where we supply multiple industries with the right recycled aluminium they need.

Reduce Greenhouse Gasses And Save Energy

Did you know aluminium is 100% recyclable and can retain all its properties even after the recycling procedure has been completed? However, aluminium recycling Melbourne utilises only 5% of the energy required to create a brand-new piece of aluminium. In addition, the method emits 5% greenhouse gasses in comparison. When it comes to Australia alone, over 2 billion cans made of are recycled every year.

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    This is not it; aluminium is made from Bauxite ore which undergoes mining, then converted to alumina and later smelted over 700°C to produce aluminium. This whole process is expensive and needs a lot of energy and fuel. With around 10% of energy being utilised for processing virgin aluminium, aluminium recycling in Melbourne can save tons of energy.

    Other Reasons To Recycle Aluminium

    There are several other reasons why one should recycle aluminium scrap, including:

    • Retains all its properties even after recycling
    • Reduces landfill waste
    • Reduces raw material exploitation
    • It can be recycled multiple times
    • For every tonne of aluminium recycled, you can conserve 5 tonnes of bauxite
    • Reduces valuable energy resources
    • Assists in energy preservation and saving

    Competitive Prices For Scrap

    Aluminium is used in building construction, aircraft production, and consumer durables like fridges, air conditioners, and cooking utensils. Moreover, it is also utilised to process food cans and equipment.

    Aluminium Recycling Melbourne
    Aluminium Recyclers Melbourne

    Besides aluminium scrap, our company also deals with stainless steel and metal scraps like cars and kitchen equipment. We make sure no scrap that can be recycled goes to a landfill.

    Working according to government guidelines, we are your aluminium recyclers in Melbourne who offer scrap pick-up and removal services across Melbourne for businesses and individuals alike, with a competitive aluminium recycling budget for all.

    One Of The Renowned Aluminium Recyclers Melbourne Has To Offer.

    Contact us if you have scrap aluminium stationed around the property and want to give it away to reputed aluminium recyclers in Melbourne. Selling aluminium scrap on your property can help clear ample space and make a considerable amount in exchange.Beat that offer if you can. At Afresh Metals, we offer the best price for aluminium scrap.

    Since we have been in business for a long time, our aluminium recyclers Melbourne team know the entire process and understand how aluminium can affect the environment if not recycled timely. And, when it concerns industrial areas, we also offer quick solutions, reaching the site to extract the entire aluminium scrap the site has been producing throughout its operations. Be it meagre or significant; we will weigh the scrap and offer a straight-up deal so that no one goes home disappointed.

    At Afresh Metals, we can also offer customised services to those wanting to trade in aluminium scraps for big bucks.Whether the aluminium scrap is in your home or commercial property, you must call us, and we will reach your doorstep.

    Being the best scrap metal recycling in Melbourne, we understand the magnitude of the aluminium recycling job closely.

    Need Aluminium Recycling Melbourne? Call Afresh Metals!

    Aluminium Recycling in Melbourne is a thorough job. Not many companies offer such services. This is where we come into the picture. So, if you have any scrap aluminium kept idle for an extended period, you know whom to get in touch with.

    Aluminium Recycling
    Due to recent laws introduced by the state government effective since 30 May 2018, cash is now illegal for scrap cars and metals. Available payment options are bank transfers or cheques (no cash cheques).