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The use of metals in daily life has brought a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The benefit is its availability. However, on the downside, many people dispose of metals in landfills or let them decompose. The fact is not many know about the consequences this may bring. This is why one should understand the true meaning of metal recycling in Richmond. And if you aren’t aware of the process, we will break it down for you.

Moreover, as one of the top scrap metal recyclers Richmond has ever seen, we ensure to follow the process by heart. Even if you are environmentally driven, know that we do not leave carbon emissions or any adverse footprints for our future generations to suffer from.

Scrap Metal Collection

You may know by now that there are two primary types of metals available around us.

  • Ferrous Metals
  • Non-Ferrous Metals

While ferrous contains iron and steel, non-ferrous comprise brass, aluminium, and copper. Moreover, most ferrous metals can be found in cars, steel structures, and various other equipment.


Now, it’s time for our team to sort out which metal types need to be separated and recycled simultaneously. Such a process was once performed by manual labour, resulting in relatively slower speed. But, today’s metal recycling Richmond facilities rely on magnets and sensors to ensure correct separation.

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    Crushing And Shredding

    Post sorting, we adhere to the crushing and shredding of metals. But, what exactly does it consist of, you might ask? Our compactors crush every metal to make it seamless to move on a conveyor belt to the shredder. Scrap metal recyclers in Richmond have recycling plants that shred the crushed metal into smaller pieces that can be fitted into an average hand size.

    Melting Scrap Metal in Richmond

    Magnetic drums are pieces of machinery that can separate the non-ferrous and ferrous metals, followed by the next step: melting. The multiple types of metal forms then reach the furnaces designated for the properties of numerous forms of metals. Moreover, if you didn’t know, furnaces can help alleviate the adverse effects on the planet by utilising fuel-efficient regenerative burners that require relatively less energy to operate.

    Purification By Scrap Metal Recyclers in Richmond

    Electricity can power a non-spontaneous chemical reaction that further dissolves impurities. Post that, the molten metal should undergo purification to make certain all contaminants get removed, promoting the final product to be of the highest quality.

    Scrap Metal Richmond
    Scrap Metal Recyclers Richmond

    Solidifying & Reuse

    After the purification process, the metal then moves through the conveyor belt to be poured amid moulds. This can make handling scrap metal in Richmond a little more seamless. Additionally, recycled metals would become a crucial part of the new products. Since scrap metal in Richmond can retain its primary properties, reusing them does not decrease the level of its performance when converted into a new product. So, if you have any equipment or appliances rotting in the garage, do not throw them away.

    Get in touch with Afresh Metals for cars for scrap metal Melbourne, and the team of experts will take care of the rest. We understand the importance of scrap metal in Richmond and put it to optimum use.

    Afresh Metals is a Melbourne-based recycling company that delivers trusted end-to-end management for all types of scrap metal. We also provide metal recycling of scrap metal in Mordialloc scrap metal in Northcote scrap metal in Preston, scrap metal in Northern Suburbs  and aluminium recycling in Melbourne and can process every type of scrap metal. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are your local experts in scrap metal recycling. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

    Due to recent laws introduced by the state government effective since 30 May 2018, cash is now illegal for scrap cars and metals. Available payment options are bank transfers or cheques (no cash cheques).