7 Dec 2020

What is recycled scrap metal used for?

Over the past few decades scrap metal and recycling has seen a huge boost in popularity. As the world becomes more aware of the environmental impact of metal mining and manufacturing, the recycling industry has stepped up to create new ways to repurpose existing metals.

With more and more professional metal recyclers offering services, recycling your own scrap metal is becoming commonplace. Whether it’s white goods, industrial metals or a scrap car, your metals are valuable and are recycled into thousands of products you use everyday. So what are they? Here are just a few of the common uses of recycled metal.

Commercial use

Recycled metal is now the most commonly used material for manufacturers who fabricate devices, equipment and appliances. Recycled metal still contains all the great characteristics and pure elements that make them suited to manufacturing and can be recycled over and over again. The competitive nature of commercial business means manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to keep cost low, and luckily for the planet recycled materials are often more cost effective than raw materials.

Building materials

The building industry makes excellent use of recycled metals through frames, pillars, plumbing, ductwork and more. The beauty about building is many of the metals are hidden from view so the process of recycling and reusing is more straightforward and less process intensive.


Aluminium is a great metal that is easily recycled and is now the most common metal used to create packaging. Canned food such as fruit, vegetables, milks and pet food, and soft drink are all commonly packaged in recycled metals. Again, using recycled aluminium is much more cost effective and environmentally friendly than new metals.

Home furnishings and artwork

Over the past few decades recycled metal has quickly grown in popularity for use in artworks and home decorations. Lamps, fixtures, light fittings and furniture are all great uses for recycled and reused metals. Interior designers are increasingly moving toward unpolished recycled metals for a worn aesthetic, while architects and builders are incorporating more and more recycled metals into their designs to increase the sustainability of their projects.

Automotive industry

Ferrous metals that contain iron are known and loved for their strength and durability. It’s thanks to these properties that ferrous metals are commonly recycled over and over again in automotive manufacturing. From alloy wheels to body work, axles and interior computers; cars and other vehicles are full of recycled metals. With millions of cars recycled every year, the automotive industry is not only one of the biggest users of recycled metal, it’s also the biggest producer of recycled metals.

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